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Rules & Expectations

Tribes Learning Communities

Our goal at Aeolian is to create a safe and caring learning environment that assures the healthy development of every child.  To meet this goal we are continuing our participation in the TRIBES Learning Communities program. TRIBES is a community building process.

Our Goals:
•    Everyone will respect individual differences and the diversity of our cultures.
•     Our teachers will design learning experiences to reach students who learn in different ways. 
•    Students will take responsibility for themselves and each other. 
•    Our families will become actively involved in the education of their children. 
•    We will awaken the love of learning in everyone.

To accomplish these goals all staff, parents and students are expected to abide by our mutual agreements:

➢    Attentive Listening
➢    Appreciations/No Put Downs
➢    Right to Pass/Right to Participate
➢    Mutual Respect


Students who choose not to follow the TRIBES Mutual Agreements and/or school rules will receive the appropriate consequence according to the infraction.  Parents will be notified of all serious offenses.

1.    Verbal Warning
2.    Recess/lunch Detention
3.    Time out in a Buddy Teacher’s Classroom
4.    Aeolian Inappropriate Behavior Referral (see attached)
5.    Suspension

Students who commit one of the following offenses will receive an automatic office referral and may be suspended from school:

1.    Fighting with visible marks of multiple blows
2.    Biting
3.    Damage to personal or school property
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