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Research shows that parental involvement is a critical factor to student success.  The more a parent helps a child, the more all parents, educators, communities, and our nation will get in return.  Parent volunteers provide an extra set of hands, a caring individual who can offer needed one-on-one academic support, or perhaps, a listening ear.  At Aeolian we believe parents are partners with teachers, staff, and administration in the education process.  

Aeolian has a parent volunteer expectation and policy outlined in the Student/Parent Compact.  Parent Volunteers need not assist ONLY in the classroom.  There are several ways that you can assist your school by helping in the office, by taking things home to prepare, volunteering at one of our fundraising events or through donations. Your involvement is critical to the success of your child.

Several parent groups exist at Aeolian Elementary including School Site Council, District Advisory Committee, English Language Advisory Committee and the Parent Teacher Committee (PTC).  Meeting dates for these advisory committees will be sent home and posted in the office.

Did you know there are state and federal laws protecting your rights as a parent to get involved, volunteer, and attend events at your child’s school.