Aeolian's 1st Annual Mud Run a HUGE Success Raising Over $12,000!!!


Aeolian School Raises $12,202.83 by Hosting an Outstanding “Mud Run” Fundraiser on April 8, 2016

On April 8, 2016 Aeolian School hosted a “Mud Run” fundraiser that is destined to become an annual event due to its spectacular success! Exceeding fundraising expectations, Principal Becky Speh, was thrilled to announce that the fundraiser sponsored by Aeolian’s Parent Teacher Club raised over $12,000.00 to support activities and enrichment for the Aeolian School students. Special thanks and recognition were given to F & M Bank, the Xplosion Soccer Club, Aeolian PTC members, Aeolian Staff, the Promotoras de Salud in Action, Los Nietos Maintenance Department, District staff, PIH Health volunteers, Los Nietos Middle School ASB students, and Los Nietos Middle School Principal Shanonn Brann Zelaya. In attendance to show their support at the event was Los Nietos School Board members Emilio Sosa and Silvia Monge. Superintendent Vasquez provided support at the event by “hosing” off the participants after they completed the “Mud Run” obstacle course. Aeolian student Max Avdalyan was the top student fundraiser raising over $400.00, and was rewarded with a $100.00 gift certificate and a 1 on 1 race with Principal Speh, which he won!

The “Mud Run” was the second “Mud Run” hosted at a Los Nietos School, after Nelson School’s successful “Mud Run” last year. As part of the Healthy Los Nietos Program, alternative ways of school fundraising outside of selling sugary items have been explored, and the “Mud Run” event has proven to be a successful, reliable, and healthy way to raise money to support school activities. 

The event was made a huge success because so many different members of a much larger community came together to support the Aeolian School community. Aeolian parents are to be thanked for supporting the school by not only letting their children participate (and get very muddy) but also by joining their children and running in the event themselves. The light rain during the event was not enough to diminish the joy expressed by all members of the Aeolian community.

With the success of Nelson School’s “Mud Run” last year and Aeolian School’s “Mud Run” this year, the challenge has been given to Rancho Santa Gertrudes School to participate in their own “Mud Run” and try to exceed Aeolian School’s fundraising total for their event.