Yoobi & World Vision visit Aeolian 9/25/2014

Yoobi is an organization that sells their school supplies at Target.  For every product that is purchased, Yoobi donates a product to a classroom in need.  We were excited to learn a month ago that we were chosen to receive a box FULL of school supplies for each classroom from Yoobi in partnership with World Vision.  Each classroom was able to tour the Yoobi Bus and try out the colorful crayons, markers, pencils, and highlighters in the art studio within the belly of the bus.  Some quotes from today's experience:

1st Grader Angel said, "This is the BEST day of my life!"
2nd Grader Daniel said, "I love the Yoobi Bus!!"
6th Grader Kayla wrote on the Yoobi Bus white board, "Yoobi Rocks!"

Thank you Yoobi and World Vision for bringing this awesome opportunity to our students.  It has truly made a difference in their excitement for school and learning.  We are proud to have been chosen for this great honor!

Aeolian Community: Please check out their website http://yoobi.com!  "One for you, One for me!"
Support this great organization and purchase your Yoobi school supplies at Target!!

Please visit the following link to see all of the AWESOME pictures taken today during our visit from Yoobi and World Vision!