Being Safe on the Internet and with Mobile Technologies

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Our children need our help, because their world is really big now. We hold their hands and walk them across busy streets. We have them wear helmets when they ride bikes (at least we should). We ask them to wash their hands before they eat. We ask them to use their elbow when they sneeze. We also need to become a lot smarter about the whole internet thing...Facebook, Instagram, bullying, texting and sexting.

There are tremendous resources written for parents and for children. There are comics, videos, stories - in English and in Spanish. They are great resources to do with your children. So look at these, find some time to sit with your child and get smarter about Digital Safety.

Instagram: What is it? Why do I care if my child posts a few funny pictures? What can I do if someone posts a picture of my child that I do not like? Learn all about Instagram here:

For a general site where you can learn about Facebook, email, and instant messages

A site that can help you find great apps and software that are family friendly, as well as information to help discuss with your children about general digital safety:

This site is a great place to learn what is new in the internet world and what you can do to stay constantly aware and ready.

You might like to watch a video from the Oprah show discussing internet safety

Here is our favorite site filled with great information, comics for kids, videos, interactive games, decision making tools. It is a great place for a whole family to go together to have conversations about your family’s values and what is important to you about safety on the internet. The site can be translated quickly into Spanish as well.

If you want to help your children decide what is most important to them, check out the stories here and help your little one understand your family’s morals.

Facebook has recently developed a whole site to discuss all the issues they can about digital safety. There are videos, discussion boards, references and help if you believe your child is the victim of bullying of any type:

Now that you hqve read, watched the videos, spoken with your children and played the online cybersafety games, take the following quiz:

And finally to keep up with the net, as it relates to your family you will really like the which has many resources, weekly updates and ongoing conversations to keep your precious children safe and secure.
Source: Principal Speh