Medina Memorial Garden Dedication 8/29/2013

After the tragic passing of brothers and students Jonnathan and Damian Medina on December 21, 2012 the Los Nietos community came together to support the Medina family by collecting over $13,000 to help pay for services. Nathan, an LNMS student, and Damian, a 5th grader at Aeolian were both well-liked by peers and high achieving students. Both were part of the Garden Club at Aeolian, so when they passed an idea floated around to create a spot in the garden to remember the boys.

At this time, Principal Speh was approached by a Boy Scout, Roman Collazo (Mrs. Collazo's son) who needed to complete his Eagle Project and heard there was a need in the garden. Plans were drawn up and approved. Money was raised by Collazo and the project took place over the summer by the troop. They did a wonderful job!

During Back-to-School Night, on August 29, 2013, the school had a dedication of the Medina Memorial Garden and invited the Medina family. The grandmother, aunt and cousins were in attendance. The troop did a color guard ceremony with the American flag, Principal Speh said a few words and thanked the Boy Scouts for their hard work, and read a poem.  The dedication concluded with a moment of silence.

The Whittier Daily News was in attendance and interviewed those involved and highlighted Aeolian and the Boy Scouts in Saturday's paper. We will always remember both Jonnathan and Damian in our hearts forever!

Poem Read by Mrs. Speh:

Each Day
by Graham Allaway

Each day since we first lost you

Life is not the same,

Each day we search for reasons

Each day we call your name.
Each day we feel the pain

And the hurt that will not heal,

Each day we ask the sky

To please make this not real.
Each day we look for answers
To the endless questions why,

Each day we bow our heads

With another tear to cry.
But each day we're reminded

Of the joy that you would bring,

Each day we still remember

How you brightened everything.
Each day we hear you laughing

With that smile upon your face,

Each day we hear you playing

And your spirit we embrace.
So each day we live on

We will never be apart,

For in each day that passes

You're forever in our hearts.

Source: Principal Speh