Aeolian students excited about their NEW healthy salad bar!!

Every day our students will be serving themselves at our CATCH Salad Bar that is full of GO FOODS!! On Thursday, August 29th students not only enjoyed our new salad bar, but also got to type in their new pin number. The cafeteria staff continually filled the bar with more fresh fruits and vegetables as lunch time went on. Principal Speh interviewed students on what they thought of the salad bar and here are some of their responses:

"This is the best day of my life!"
"I love being able to put the food on my own plate."
"I like typing in my pin number."
"The new BBQ Chicken pizza was yummy!"
"Thank you for bringing the salad bar to us Mrs. Speh!" (It takes a team!!)

Thank you to our Director of Nutrition, Kurt Chou, for your enthusiasm in providing fresh fruits and vegetables to our students. Also, for bringing in new breakfast and lunch options that are tasty and healthy!! Please remember to thank our cafeteria staff for implementing all these new changes at once with a friendly smile and an excited attitude!!
Source: Principal Speh