CST Night April 16, 2013

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 parents with their children came to Aeolian to learn how to support their child with specific testing strategies. Principal Speh started the evening in the cafeteria with a presentation focusing on what the STAR testing is and the importance of it. She shared strategies on how to support their child in the areas of reading and writing at home. Parents were encouraged to get their children to school each day and on time. Parents then broke out into grade level sessions led by teachers and students in both English and Spanish. Thank you to the PTC for providing dinner ahead of the presentations!

Important information shared on CST Night

How can parents help their child succeed in reading and writing?
-Set aside uninterrupted reading time each night.
-Read with your child every night.
-Review one to two Released Test Questions with your child each night.
-Practice the “Test Taking Strategies” with your child each night.
-Ask your child questions about what they are reading.
-Have your child keep a readers notebook to write about what they are reading.
-Make sure your child completes his or her reading log each night,
-Model reading and writing for your student.

Help your child do his/her best on the STAR:
Positive Attitude:
-Show your support in a positive way.
-Give pep talks without pressure.
-Write notes of encouragement

Organizational Skills:
-Check the Tuesday Envelope for flyers and return it signed.
-Read all school correspondence and teacher bulletins.
-Check that backpack!
-Communicate with your child's teacher and keep your appointments.

Testing Strategies shared with parents:

Right There:
-You don’t need to read the passage
-The answer is right there
-Use your prior Knowledge

Plug It In:
-You don’t need to read the passage
-Use your prior knowledge
-Plug in the answer and ask, “Does this make sense?”

Search and Find:
-Go to the specific location mentioned in the question
-Skim and scan for key words
-Read around to determine the answer

Skim and Scan:
-Skim and scan the question and answer choices for key words
-Go to the passage
-Read around sentences to determine the answer

Stop and Think:
-Read the directions first and ask for clarification if you don’t understand them
-THINK about what the question is really asking you
-While reading, STOP after each paragraph or section to THINK, make connections and summarize what you are reading.
-STOP to highlight clues and key words

Positive Test Taking Tips:
-Stretch in your seat (stretch legs and arms, tilt head side to side)
-Breathe deeply to stretch your lungs and relax
-Wiggle fingers
-Switch pencils
-Choose a focal point (place to look at) in the room for a minute
-Skip over hard questions but make sure to return to them
-Tell yourself, “You can do it!” or something else that makes you happy