2/1/2013 Comerica Bank President and Bookends Visit Aeolian

On Friday, February 1st Aeolian had a special visit from the President of Comerica Bank, Mike Fulton. Mrs. Speh had the great opportunity to apply for a technology grant from the bank. The grant awarded Aeolian with 18 iPad Minis and a beautiful charging cart. President Fulton spoke of his life growing up in Detroit, in a family that did not have a lot of money, and working hard to become the president of Comerica Bank. He told the students they could do the same one day if they worked hard in school! He was thrilled to be visiting our school and more excited about the possibilities that the new technology could bring our students. Principal Speh thanked President Fulton for his commitment to reaching out to schools in order to support student learning. She also thanked Bookends, a non-profit organization that donates books to schools all over the country, for partnering with Aeolian and also connecting us with Comerica Bank. Bookends has recently donated over 5,000 books to our school! The students, parents, and staff were thrilled to see the iPad Minis as Mrs. Speh held them up during the assembly. The iPad Minis will be checked out by class and used to support Math and Reading using many free apps available to schools. Mrs. Speh was excited to share the next stage in bringing more technology to Aeolian...a computer lab!! The PTC and SSC have expressed their desire in bringing a lab to Aeolian. This will support our students' growth and success in the 21st Century.

The celebration continued as Mrs. Speh dedicated the new Aeolian Library. She thanked the parents, staff, and students for the thousands of hours they dedicated last year to opening the library. Mrs. Speh stated that she did not want to take away from the grand celebration that took place almost a year ago and that she knew the community was devastated with hearing the library needed to move to a permanent classroom instead of being in a portable classroom. Mrs. Speh expressed that the library will be here for future generations to come...even the children of our current students. She thanked the Los Nietos School Board members, Superintendent Vasquez, Assistant Superintendents Dr. McNeil and Mr. McMasters, Trimax Construction, Architect Edgar Paz, and Aeolian Librarian Lea Trujillo for their commitment to making this new library a priority of the district. Students visited the library this week and were able to check out books. Student Council is excited to start a Reading Club very soon! Thanks again to the Aeolian Community for supporting Literacy and putting students first!