2012 CST Medal Ceremony 11/8/2012

Each year we celebrate those students in 2nd through 6th grade who achieved academic excellence on the previous year's California Standardized Tests (CSTs). Students could receive a medal for the following reasons:

1. Scored Proficient or Advanced in English Language Arts
2. Scored Proficient or Advanced in Mathematics
3. Scored Proficient or Advanced in Science
4. Have not yet made proficiency, but jumped a band or more toward proficiency (example a student who moved from Far Below Basic to Below Basic, or Below Basic to Basic).

Aeolian also has a 500 Club for those students who scored in the 500s on ELA and/or Math. These students received a special trophy recognizing their accomplishment. Students who scored a PERFECT 600 are a part of our 600 Club and also received a trophy. Their names were also engraved into a plaque located in the front office.

On November 8, 2012 Aeolian gave out 485 medals and 30 trophies. We are so proud of all of the students and their hard work and dedication to doing their best and challenging themselves. Thank you to the parents for supporting them at home during homework and reading time. Thank you to the teachers for spending 100s of hours lesson planning and targeting your instruction and focus on all students improving.

Aeolian's Academic Performance Index (API) increased by 24 points to hit above the state target at 809, meeting all of the state targets through Safe Harbor. Here's to another year focused on instruction, data analysis, partnering with parents, and meeting the needs of ALL students.