Los Nietos School District Board of Trustees Recognize the Success of the English Language Learners at Aeolian School on 11/15/12

On November 15, 2012, the Los Nietos School Board of Trustees recognized over 30 English Language Learners from Aeolian School who met the Los Nietos School District’s Reclassification Criteria. District English Advisory Committee (DELAC) Chairperson, Jorge Davila, gave a presentation to the Board advising Trustees on the Reclassification Criteria. This year Los Nietos School District had 105 English Learners meet Reclassification Criteria.

After Chairperson Davila’s presentation, Principal Becky Speh recognized the students in attendance and presented them with a certificate and a medal of recognition. The Los Nietos School Board was very pleased that so many English Language Learners were able to meet the District’s Reclassification Criteria.

Following the presentation of certificates, parents were invited to take pictures with their children and share in their children’s accomplishment.