Aeolian Celebrates Red Ribbon Week Oct. 22-26, 2012

Aeolian's theme for Red Ribbon Week this year was "Filling Our Buckets With Healthy Choices!"

Classes participated in community talks about making healthy choices and how those choices can positively impact one's life. Kids were challenged to commit to a healthy choice and write their commitment on their classroom drop. These drops were displayed all around the school courtyard and were the focus for Thursday's Red Ribbon Week Flag Ceremony. The entire school and community wore RED on Thursday, October 25th. We met in the Rose Garden for our weekly flag salute and Principal's Awards. We then spent time talking about making healthy choices. Ten students ranging from grades 1-6 came to the microphone to share with the Aeolian community their name and their healthy choice they had committed to. Some of the choices shared with us were: getting enough sleep; eating healthier, including eating more fruits and vegetables; doing your homework and coming to school everyday; saying, "NO!" to drugs; getting more exercise; and choosing the right friends. I am very proud of all Aeolian Aztecs for making a commitment to making healthier choices for your lives. It was a great week and a wonderful celebration!

On Wednesday, October 24th, the 2012-2013 LNSD Teacher-of-the-year, our very own Mrs. Diana Mireles (2nd grade teacher) was honored at Santa Fe Spring's annual Red Ribbon Week Parade. She and LNSD's Superintendent, Jonathan Vasquez, sat on the back of a black convertible and tossed red necklaces to children sitting along the parade route. We are proud of you Mrs. Mireles!

Let's continue to challenge our kids to keep their commitments and help them by being positive role models for them.