Third Annual Art Show

The following article was written by third grade Romeo A. 

On May 29, 2012 Aeolian had a community art show.  The things that wer displayed were art work from Kinder to sixth grade.  In addition, people from the community had the opportunity to show their art work.  

During the art show, I was able to play the piano with Ms. Nan (my piano teacher).  Other people also got to play their instruments.  It was exciting to see Mrs. MIreles play her flute and Mr. Fulton sing and play the guitar.

It was very nice to see so many families come and enjoy this event. Students also got a chance to make their own art during the art show.  Joan McMasters, from Meet the Masters art program was proud to see all the art displayed.

Tosadas were sold as well as new Aeolian sweatshirts and bags. 

A big thank you to the art show advisors Ms. Vinas, Mrs. Martinez, and Ms. Trujillo  as well as all teachers who attended the event.