Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

For an entire week, teachers and staff were showered with flowers, cards, hugs, and goodies from parents, students, and Mrs. Ruiz.

To end the week Aeolian PTC and Mrs. Ruiz  hosted a celebratory "Super Hero" themed lunch in the lounge. Complete with super hero theme music, center pieces, and hand colored posters all around all staff were honored as heros.

Every type of dish was served from home made chicken mole, taquitos, carnitas, pozole, pasta, salads, carnitas and more!  Desserts were not forgotten about either- flan, cupcakes, brownies, fruit and jello salads, chocolate, and the list goes on.  

ALL Aeolian staff members would like to express there sincere thanks and gratitude to all parents and families that made this possible. 

Together as a learning community we are empowering and fostering the successes of all the students.