Aeolian Garden Wins 2 FIRST PLACE ribbons at LA Agriculture Fair!

On Friday, May 18 Aeolian garden students, parents, and teacher advisors all went to the Pomona Fair Grounds for the 48th District Agriculture Fair.  

We are proud to announce that Aeolian's garden won FIRST PLACE for the 2nd-3rd grade category and for the 4th-6th grade category.

Students met Blossom the cow and learned how to milk her.  They met an electricity expert who taught them about volts, watts, and how it effects the body. Students were treated to a petting zoo experience complete with dirty pigs, hungry goats, fat ponies, stinky donkeys, and spitting llamas.  They were able to be inspired by other award winning projects from other surrounding school and even experienced getting painted by a goofy clown.  

We are so proud and honored to have such a dedicated group of students, parents, and teachers to make this possible. Congratulations Garden Club!

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