Star Testing is HERE!

Dear Parents,


Your student, along with public school students throughout California, will participate in the very important Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program that includes the California Standards Test (CST).  Students at our school in grades 2-6 will take these tests beginning on MONDAY, MAY 7 and continuing through MAY 18.


Students, depending on their grade, may be taking more than one test.  These tests measure how well a student has learned the standards for their grade level in English reading, language and mathematics.  Grade 5 students will also be taking a science test.


The State uses the results of this test to compare and rank schools throughout the State.  Each school is expected to demonstrate growth towards a predetermined target called the school’s Academic Performance Index (API) based on last year’s test results.  The State’s goal for all schools is to have an API of 800.  Our school’s most recent API was 786.  Our growth target for this school year is 14 points and our API target is 800 .  In addition to our school meeting it’s API target, each student is expected to score proficient or advanced (350 or above) in the area of Mathematics and Language Arts.  To help your child meet or exceed this goal your child has had or will have a one-on-one goal setting conference.  Additionally all students were given copies of sample test questions from previous administrations of the STAR test. 


In order for students to meet our growth target and their individual goals, we need your support during this very important testing period.  We need your help in order to make sure that your child does the best that he/she can do on the upcoming test.  


Please help by making sure that your child:


 -     Has plenty of rest

 -     Has a good breakfast each morning at home or at school

 -     Comes to school on time (testing begins when school begins

 -     Attends school each day (all students must take all tests

 -     Practices the sample test questions each night

 -     Comes to school with a positive attitude

-    Comes prepared to TRY HIS/HER BEST EACH DAY.


With your help, support and ongoing encouragement I know that our students will not only meet, but they will exceed the State’s improvement goal for our school.


Please contact me at (562) 699-0913 during regular school hours or email me at if you have questions about the STAR Program or the testing schedule.


Again, thank you for playing a very important role in your children’s education.



Amber Lee-Ruiz


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