Rio Hondo Presents- Alice In Wonderland

On Friday, April 27 in the morning Aeolian students got to watch a performance by Rio Hondo students.

They performed Alice in Wonderland.  First, the characters were presented to us.  We met Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cat, the Bunny, the Mouse, and the evil Queen of Hearts. They danced, had a tea party, and went to a magical caste.  All the students enjoyed the performance.  My favorite part was when the do-do birds came and started saying random things.  Another popular part was when they had the tea party.  It made us all laugh.  

We felt very lucky to have such wonderful actors perform at our school.  Thank you Rio Hondo for coming. We can't wait to have you come again!

By: Spencer C. and Brianne L. 

To view more pictures from the performance go to "About Us", click on "Photo Albums", click on "Rio Hondo-Alice In Wonderland"