Aeolian School Garden Vandalized

Dear Citizens of the World!

Our Aeolian garden has been vandalized!  The Aeolian Garden Club is heartbroken because all of our hard work has gone to waste.  We put all of our hearts into making this garden look beautiful. Whoever vandalized our garden must be feeling very guilty right now.  

But we have a rescue plan.  Mr. Houts, principal of Downey High, donated 30 tomato plants and will donate 100 more.  Half will be sold and the other half will be planted in the garden.  This money will help with garden repairs. You may be wondering, “Hey, what else can I do to help? “  Well, you can help by donations. We are looking for plants in pots already planted.  We are asking the neighbor’s help by watching and reporting any suspicious behavior around our campus.  If you see anyone trying to pick the locks or climbing fences, please call the Pico Rivera Sheriff at (562) 949-2421. 

Here are some students’ reactions about the vandalism- Javier R. said, “Poor garden!” Chantel S. responded, “ I feel angry!” “I feel disappointed about all our hard working going to waste,” responded Miliani L. April is national garden month.  We beg to you please help protect, support, and rebuild our amazing school garden.


Yours truly,

Melody T.

Fourth Grade Student

To view more pictures of the destruction, go to "About Us" click on "Photo Albums", click on "Garden Club Vandalized"

If you are interested in donating please contact the school to speak garden club advisors: Mr. Martinez, Mr. Risser, Mrs. Martinez, or Mrs. Trujillo.