ThinkTogether Basketball and Cheer Competition

On Friday, March 23, 2012 our Aeolian basketball and cheerleading group went to Los Nietos Middle School (LNMS) to compete with Rancho and Nelson.  Rancho and Nelson played first.  Aeolian cheerleaders were cheering from them.  Then, Aeolian and Nelson played and it was time for us to scream with joy.  Some of the cheerleaders got nervous because there was a judge taking pictures and also because everybody was watching them perform.  When it was half time our Aeolian cheerleaders had to perform a dance!  The song was “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani.  Many of the audience members loved one little girl in particular, Catherine J.  She was smiling, making funny facial expressions, etc.


When it was almost time for the Rancho cheerleaders to perform, there was a problem.  Only 3 of them had arrived.  They were very sad, but the problem was solved by some of our fantastic Aeolian cheerleaders.  Some of our girls quickly learned the dance and performed with the Rancho team.  Everyone was so happy!


         Later when it was time to announce the winners, everyone was nervous.  They announced basketball first.  Nelson took first, Rancho was second, and Aeolian was third.  Our team looked sad, but they all had fun!  Then they announced the winners for cheerleading.  The judge paused for a minute and said, “And the winners are… AEOLIAN CHEERLEADERS!”  All the students screamed so loud that I felt like my eardrums popped!  Everybody was so happy and we couldn’t believe it. It was the best day ever.  Even though we lost the basketball game, we were still able to take home a cheerleading trophy. I was so happy, I had tears in my eyes!


By: Heidi M. 6th Grade Student


A big thank you to Aeolian cheer advisor Miss Crystal for all your hard work.  We appreciate all you do for our students and school.