New Library Needs A New Librarian

            Miss Trujillo is the librarian at Aeolian Elementary School.  She has been a librarian at Los Nietos Middle School.  What Miss Trujillo likes best about being a librarian is seeing the excitement on kid’s faces when they find a book.  Miss Trujillo loves to read, her top three favorite books are: Bless Me Ultima, Burro Genius ,and Harold and the Purple Crayon.  The reason why Miss Trujillo likes Bless Me Ulitima is because in the story there is this person who has different experiences in life which helps them realize who they are.  She likes Burro Genius because in that story there’s a person who has dyslexia and then that person becomes an author.  Miss Trujillo likes Harold and the Purple Crayon because Harold uses one purple crayon to draw adventures with his imagination.   

            Miss Trujillo’s full name is Lea Star Trujillo.  She has three kids and is not married.  Miss Trujillo’s kids names are Demyla, Adreana, and Elijah.  What Miss Trujillo likes to do in her spare time is spend time with her son, go on hikes, garden, read, and try new foods.  Miss. Trujillo has never been a teacher.

               Miss Trujillo attended at Cal State L.A., her major was Child and Family Studies.  Now you know more about Miss. Lea Trujillo, Aeolian’s  librarian.

By: Angelique M. and Shelsy P.