Author Coming to Aeolian

His goals are simple:

To inspire and entertain each and every student, no exception!

To show a life devoted to storytelling by telling a story of a life.

To rethink the process of writing: respect for one’s own ideas, practice, follow-through, the importance of editorial criticism.

To put human face on the mystifying process of professional writing.

To use humor and student involvement in order to reach the hearts and minds of the next generation’s readers, thinkers, and communicators. 


He has been invited by the White House to represent the United States in the first Russian Book Festival in 2003.


He graduated from Harvard with a degree in biochemistry and afterwards he became an actor on Broadway before he devoted himself to writing.


He has run a marathon and gone rock climbing during an earthquake.


Lastly, he loves chocolate.


Who am I talking about???

None other than....

Peter Lerangis


On Tuesday, April 17, Aeolian students grade 3-6 from 9:00-10:00 AM will have the great honor of meeting this amazing author himself.


Students, go to the library and start reading his books now!  The 39 CluesSpy XAntarctica, andAbracadabra! and more!


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Check out his website here: