Science Olympiad in Full Swing!

The following article was written by 6th Grade Student Natalie G.

This year we have new teachers, Mr. Fulton and Mr. J, and that means new adventures.  Every year Science Olympiad is a different adventure with more fun memories.  It is an honor to be a part of such a great team.  We always have fun learning new things and making new friends.  Going to the competition is nerve wrecking but worth it!  When the day starts and we start our new challenge the first thing we do is try to learn and remember everything about that day so we can tell our friends about it the next day.  I hope every student will get a chance to be part of such a great thing.

Students will competing on Feb 25 at Occidental College for medals in Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Good luck Aeolian Science Olympiad team!! 

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