Fantastic Flag Football Team

How I Felt Before/After
When I was at the game I felt nervous and excited because I didn't know if we will win or not.   Also, I didn't really know the plays.  What if we get injured or if our players do the right thing?  I was excited because I  knew we will do real good and we did.  I wasn't surprised that we did real good if you ask me.

Aeolian vs. Nelson
When we played Nelson that was the part I felt excited.  I knew we would do awesome.  It turned out we beat them by more than 10 points.  I really enjoyed the game because we didn't lose yardage.  When the game started, I didn't want it to stop.  That's how much fun I had.

Aeolian vs. Rancho
This is the part when my nervousness comes in.  I was worried.  What will happen?  Will we beat them or not?  I tried to think positively.  I said to myself, "I can do this!"  Even though we lost :( I still had a lot of fun.  We did really good at our defense.  Well, I got to admit we did fine on offense too.  Rancho did very good.  They won by three interceptions.  Some of us even got injured and some of them got injured.  I sat out for some parts of the game, maybe 5 minutes.  But then I got back up and kept trying to get their flags.  I know we tried our best.  I think I will always remember this game.

My Experience
My experience honestly was very valuable.  It hurts to loose but it feels good to win.  We did our best.  These football games were the most fun I have ever been in.  I wish...I just wish... we could never quit playing football.   

The Aeolian Football Team played with determination and class.  They worked together and refused to give up.  Aeolian Cheerleaders shouted and waved their pom poms with all their might.  We are so proud of you! 

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