Friday Flag Ceremony

Dear Parents,                     

We are sorry to interrupt you but we are asking if you can take of a few minutes from work to come to our Friday flag ceremony it doesn’t take a long time.  Here is a timeline of what we do.


1.  Student council leads us in the flag salute              

2 .  We sing the Aeolian School Song or one time a kinder student sang “God Bless America” 

3.  Mrs. Ruiz (our principal) announces the Principal Award Winners for all grades K- 6th, a perfect time for you to take pictures

4.  Then Mrs. Ruiz announces who won: the Friday Aztec Pride Coupon Raffle, Aeolian Shirt Spirit Award, Reading Trophy and finally staff /parent winners

5. After the principal she announces the minutes we all read in total as a whole school

6. Then she announces any upcoming events for next week or the holidays

7. Lastly she says “Make it a good day or NOT the choice is yours, you are dismissed!”


The total of time is approximately half an hour yes it is a lot and you have work but it is good to come for multiple reasons like if your child doesn’t tell you something we announce it. You can come see all the students who have won.  Also, you can experience the excitement we have for our school.


For you who might get hungry and LOVE coffee well there is some coffee here for your enjoyment.



Thank you for your time.



 Juan V,  6th Grade

To view more pictures from our Friday Flag Ceremony go to "About Us" and click on "Photo Albums" and click on "Friday Flag"