Garden Club Rocks!

Dear Teachers, Staff, Students, and Parents,


As many of you know we have a program called “Garden Club”.  Many of your students or children are probably in this program.  Right now we are growing strawberries, eggplant, lettuce, peas, apple mint, cilantro, chilies, parsley, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, and most of all we are growing a lot of flowers .  Our teachers are Mr. Martinez, Mr. Risser, and we all want to welcome Mrs. Martinez.  She is a new Garden Club teacher.  Mrs. Martinez is also in charge of  Art Club.  Students in her art club are going to paint the beds in our garden.  We would like to thank people who donated plants to our garden.  We are still looking for more donations such as gloves, shovels, more seeds, and watering buckets. 


The reason I joined Garden Club was because I  wanted  to explore  the plants.  The garden helps the school by make our school look beautiful and let’s students discover plants. We are growing a lot of things and we want  to keep  growing  more  things.  Last year for the garden club, we hardly had students but, this year we got about 80 students who wanted to join.  So we  had  to  divide  it  up  in 2  groups.   Group  1  is  all  the  students  that  are  not  in   Thinktogether.  Group  2  group  is  were  all  the  Thinktogether  students . Group 1 has to come  at 3:00  to 4:00  and  Thinktogether  has  to  come  at 4:00 to 5:00 .  There are  great  reasons to  be  in the  garden  club. 


                        Melody T.      

For more pictures from the Garden Club go to "About Us" click on "Photo Albums" and click on "Garden Club"