Los Nietos School District Food and Toy Drive

Los Nietos School District Food Drive

The Los Nietos School District will be having a food drive and will be from November 16th to December 14th and will be at all four schools! We are holding this canned food drive because there are many families in this district who are in need. Each year, we collect canned foods from the schools to donate to our families at the District. Well, this year we are setting a goal to collect and donate 150 baskets for our families! Isn’t that fantastic? Would you like to participate and help people in need? If you would like to, please send any type of canned food such as tomato cans, chicken noodle soup cans, or anything else by December 14th with your child. One more thing, if you would like to be kind and donate a toy like board games to those families for the holiday season, we will be glad to donate them and it would be a very big help. Thank you and I hope you decide to donate a toy or canned food and be apart of a big change in our District.

Written by Alexandra G.