Family Math Night at Aeolian!

On Wednesday, November 9 some kids went to Family Math Night.  Kids played while parents learned math with teachers.  Many kids like the games and some kids made  a big chain out of the links.  Even the Principal, Mrs. Ruiz, and Superintendent, Mr. Vasquez, was there.   The people who built the links were impressed that they made such a thing.  The parents got little gifts themselves.  They got a packets of math games and a deck of cards.  Also,  a special thanks to Pala Casino, Mr. Jack Taylor,  for donating 500 cards for our families.  The teachers that volunteered to help were- Ms. Leon, Mrs. Fontenot, Mrs. Little, Ms. Gomez, Mrs. Houts, Mrs. Bui, Mr. Martinez, and Mrs. Goco.

By: Damian M.

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