Awards Given to Students to Honor Academic Achievement

The rose garden was packed with parents and family members who gathered on Friday afternoon to watch as teachers and principal Amber Lee-Ruiz awarded students with medals, trophies and plaques for achievement on the state STAR test. Each spring students across the state of California take rigorous tests covering the content standards in Language Arts, Math and Science. The tests take several days to complete. Students are scored on a scale from 0 to a perfect 600 and fall into one of five categories Far Below Basic, Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, And Advanced. The goal for each student is to score Proficient or Advanced. Students who scored proficient, advanced or who moved up a performance level were awarded a medal. Additionally plaques were handed out to the top scoring students in each grade level for math and language arts. At the conclusion of the ceremony trophies were awarded to each student who earned a score of 500 or higher. Three students (Destiny Mendoza, Thomas Esparza, and Alexis Solis) made it into the exclusive 600 club by earning a perfect 600! Aeolian staff is extremely proud of all their students!