Aeolian Receives Donation of 5,000 Books!

5,000 books were donated to Aeolian from BookEnds. BookEnds, a nonprofit organization based in Southern California, is about Kids Helping Kids. BookEnds recycles children's books through student-run book drives and places them in schools and youth organizations in need of books. BookEnds believes that a literate child is the foundation of a thriving community. By providing access to books, BookEnds gives children the resources to develop literacy skills and to experience the joy and imagination of reading.

This year at Aeolian one of our goals and priorities is to “build a community of readers and writers”. To this end, every classroom has instituted an independent reading block of time to give students the opportunity to read books of their choosing every day. However, teachers need a large variety of high-interest, quality books in order to make this happen. With all of the funding cuts from the state and federal government Aeolian counts on organizations like BookEnds to help us meet our goals. Many of the donated books will go directly into classroom libraries and thus into the hands of our children.

Additionally, Aeolian is the only school in the Los Nietos School District without a school library. The LNSD has made it a priority to help Aeolian established a centralized school library. District Office fundraising efforts were able to secure the donation from BookEnds for Aeolian. The students, parents, and staff at Aeolian whole-heartedly thank BookEnds and the LNSD for their support of our students and for their support of literacy! HAPPY READING!!!!!!!