Welcome Back to School!

District maintenance staff and the construction crew have been working overtime time, seven days a week to finish the summer Measure M modernization project. Each day we see more and more progress. Sod has been laid and seed has been planted. We are closer than ever to being able to use our field. The kindergarten playground will be completed in a few weeks. Despite the dust and incompletion the classrooms look beautiful and children have wonderful print rich environment in which to learn and grow. Already lots of learning has been taking place over the past two weeks.

While many other schools in Southern California face declining enrollment Aeolian continues to remain steady in our enrollment because our families know what a wonderful place Aeolian is to learn. We have many new families this year to Aeolian. Every year, classroom assignments are tentative for the first few weeks of school until the enrollment stabilizes. We hope that with our summer planning and parent and teacher input we have everyone assigned properly, however if new students arrive there may need to be changes. Students may need to be changed from one classroom to another in order to keep class sizes small, equal and balanced or to form a combination class if numbers should shift. Parents will be contacted before their child is reassigned during the equalization process. Please remember, there are no teacher requests as we have a professional staff and must balance classes to maximize instruction. Each teacher will be working and planning with their team to ensure a quality standards-based education in every classroom. This affords all children an equitable education regardless of class placement or school. We are very confident in our team!