Read the First Issue of the Sesquicentennial Times-10/21/10

Dear Los Nietos Community Members,

The Los Nietos School Board is to be commended for their consistent commitment to having a holistic vision of the needs of the Los Nietos community and appropriately allocating the district’s resources to support those needs. Maintaining high expectations for our students and providing the necessary resources to district staff has made it possible for our Board Priorities to become district realities. Student achievement has been increasing and State and Federal targets have been met in the District due in part to the focus on instructional consistency; this, specifically, has been outlined in the Board Priorities for the past several years.

To appropriately recognize the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the Los Nietos School District as of 2011, the Board of Trustees established a new Board priority to acknowledge this historic milestone. An anniversary committee will be formed comprised of staff and community members to catalogue information regarding the District’s history and important milestones during its 150 years of existence.

As I have begun doing research on our district’s history, I have discovered many pieces of information through online “Google” web search. For example, preliminary information that exists online and in documents at the district office indicates that the Los Nietos School District was established on August 12, 1861. Former Los Nietos Trustee, Gloria Duran, has done extensive research on the district and found that the original Los Nietos schoolhouse was a two-room adobe structure located on what was once called Carpenter Lane, and is now known as Los Nietos Road. Currently, a Santa Fe Springs Historical Marker exists on the corner of Los Nietos Road and Norwalk Boulevard to indicate where the original Los Nietos school house stood.

The School Board and I realize the significance of documenting as much information as possible regarding the history of our District so that current and future members of the Los Nietos community can understand and appreciate the rich history of the Los Nietos School District. The “Sesquicentennial Times” is a newsletter that will be distributed four times this year to members of the Los Nietos community. I hope you enjoy this first newsletter, which focuses on the academic accomplishments of the four schools in the Los Nietos School District.


Jonathan Vasquez


Los Nietos School District