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Aeolian has an English Language Advocate who serves as the liaison for the school and the district and oversees the English Language Development program by meeting regularly with the EL Advocates throughout the district to ensure consistency and compliance. The Director of Instructional Services facilitates these meetings. Our teaching staff has had staff development in strategies and instruction for ELL’s specifically for ELD instruction and also for core instruction throughout the day. During ELD time students are placed in homogeneous groups according to their language level and their instruction is guided by the ELD standards for 45-60 minutes per day. During core instruction or the remaining part of each day the teachers will differentiate instruction to meet the ELL’s language needs using “KEEP” strategies. (K= Know your students, E= Essential three—review, preview, closure, E= Engagement, P= personalize), GLAD strategies and SDAIE strategies.

Students are identified by the Home Language Survey and then tested on the CELDT yearly to obtain their language level. The goal of the district is to use the ELD standards and strategies to help students move up at least one level on the CELDT language levels each year and raise the scaled score of the CST levels of proficiency. The EL Advocate helps monitor the ELD program by testing the arrival of new students. The teachers each plan as a team by trimester. Using multiple measures of assessment The ELD teacher records student progress each trimester on the ELD Progress Monitoring Report. The ELD Progress Monitoring Report is used as one measure to determine the student’s ELD trimester grade. Each trimester each grade level meets to reflect on ELD data. Grade levels will analyze data and reflect on the results of each CELDT level subgroup and develop plans to meet the needs of all students. Grade levels will use current data and the latest research to make decisions and drive instructional planning.