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Welcome to THINK Together

THINK Together is a Free Extended Learning Time Program. THINK Together consist of the following four components.

Nutritious Snack- The purpose of snack is to privide students with a nutritious snack while giving them a chance to interact with thier peers. THis helps them focus during the rest of their time in our program.

Homework Assistance- In THINK Together we give the students an opportunity to begin their homework and get assistance and support from the program staff and volunteers in areas where they need it. With this support, our hope is for them to be more prepared to finish the remainder of their homework at home, if necessary

Academic Enrichment- THINK Together's academic enrichment component allows for students to use academic skills in a variety of engaging activities.

Healthy Living- Our healthy living component consist of Physical activity, character ed or conflict resolution scenarios. We hope that if students were to be put in a situation that they can control they could make some knowledgeable choices given tools they need to be successful.

if you have any more questions on THINK Together's Extended Learning Time Program, please feel free to contact the THINK Together Site Coordinator at 562-556-8348.