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THINK Together Staff

Hi my name is Emma Alvarez and I am the Site Coordinator here at Aeolian Elementary. I started working with THINK Together two years ago as a Program Leader. I was then promoted to a Site Coordinator the following school year. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your child and look forward to many rewarding days

Aeolian's THINK Together Program has 5 program Leaders on site. Program Leaders are the Staff in the classroom working directly with your children. Here is a brief biography of the Program Leaders here at Aeolian.

Lisa Villasenor is the Kindergarten &1st grade Program Leader, this is Lisa's first year with THINK Together and she is doing an amazing job with K/1st grade students. Before working with THINK Together Lisa was a Pre-School teacher for 25 years. Besides working for THINK Together Lisa also works with ROP students at Lynwood High School.

My name is Eileen Ramirez; I am the 3rd/4th grade Program Leader here at Aeolian. I attended CSULA and majored in Psychology. I have been working with THINK Together for about five years. Working for THINK Together has made me realize how important afterschool programs are for kids.

Hi my name is Leslie Salazar, I am 21 years old and I am a student at CSULA. I am the Program Leader for 2nd/3rd grade class. This is my first year with THINK Together and my first year working with students. I look forward in getting to know each student and helping them with homework as well helping them improve.

Hi my name is Stephanie Villalobos, I am 21 years old. This is my first year with THINK Together, I am very excited to be working with 4/5th grade. My dream is to one day become an elementary school teacher. I first heard about THINK Together through a friend and was very curious about the after school program. This is my first time working with students but so far it has been a pleasure teaching them and watching them grow. Getting to know each and one of my students is one of goals this year. I want them to succeed and learn everyday,hopefully when they grow up they will remember that I was part of their youth growing up.

Hello, my name is Jesse Rangel. I am a new Program Leader with THINK Together at Aeolian Elementary School. I will be primarily working with the 6th grade class. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with children, specially the group which I have been assigned. I feel that the 6th grade is an empirical point in a child’s life where guidance and structure are highly needed. I am a believer in structure and positive guidance. I am very excited to be part of such a great program as THINK Together. If you see me walking around please feel free to say hello. I am looking forward to getting to know all the student and parents alike.